Who I was. Who I am.

Hello Beautiful Goddess,
I'm Nancy.
Certified Health & Fitness Coach + Retreat Goddess

Maybe you can relate.


For years I felt like I was a constant failure at being what everyone else wanted me to be because I was so over extended. I tried so hard to please everyone else at being the perfect woman, friend, mother, daughter and wife. And anytime I did anything for me, anything that made me feel just a little bit of pleasure, there was so much guilt around it.

What I secretly craved for was a balance between being the best woman I could be for those I loved while also:

  • Feeling Healthy, strong, sexy and fit

  • Making time for my own Self-care (without guilt)

  • Having a successful business and lastly 

  • Having sacred sexual experiences with myself and my partner.

Could I do both? 


I didn’t see a way I could EVER have all of it, so I kept pretending that these cravings were really not that important,  that everything was fine by serving everyone else and suppressing everything I knew I needed. BUT In my heart, my gut and my soul I was really unhappy!


It started to show


Sadness, resentment and anger slowly built up inside of me and I became a "very unhappy, unfulfilled lost woman. A failed woman that entered into friendships and intimate relationships, unhealed, angry, unfulfilled, full of baggage and expectations.

I began expecting my friends and partners to fulfill my needs because I was not meeting my own. I believed that my happiness was dependent on something they had to be, do or provide and so my happiness was always temporary and dependent on my conditions being met.


Who was I?

 This was not me or who I was meant to be!


Little did I know I was on a journey that would prove that I was not a failure and that the only way to feeling fulfilled was through what I did and how I perceived everything around me.


I decided it was time for a change and  since I had come to the realization that my friends and partners were not fulfilling what I thought I needed, I decided to dive into experiences that would help me gain some clarity and insight into who I was. 


And so the journey began, that took me to becoming a personal trainer, a massage therapist, a medical cancer patient advocate and finally a Certified Holistic Health Coach. With each new path I took, I learned more about myself.

MY BIGGEST AHA CAME one day when I was on a treadmill of all places. 


It just hit me! It was something I had heard over and over and over…..but finally made sense.


The HUGE realization that, it was ME, Yes Me! 


That I had to fulfill my own needs and make myself happy. My joy, actions and mindset could NOT be dependent on anyone or anything else! I had to figure out what made me happy


I needed to show myself compassion and love and realize that I had Never been a failure, I had come this far and I was enough!


Through all of my experiences and education I finally found that there were 4 Mindset Reset Secrets to 4 things where we need a Mindset Reset around that will help us overcome fears, limiting beliefs and old patterns that are keeping us stuck in personal stories that are no longer true. 


Great Health, Great Radical Self-Care, Great Fitness and Great Sex are those things!


I want to share them with you! Imagine a life where abundance in every one of those areas of your life flows?!


I want to help you discover how to tap into the most beautiful parts of who you are without any shame or guilt so you can live the life you want and have the best of both worlds.



Sending you love, strength and  Gratitude for being here with me,

Nancy B.


Sarasota/Siesta Key, Florida