Your SKINN Retreat Experience

Transformative Days. 

Awaken Your Secret Strengths.

Is it For You?


  • Imagine being inspired to feel, strong, healthy and sexy instead of like a failure.

  • Imagine feeling passionate and whole all on your own, without the need for someone or something else to make you happy!


  • Imagine feeling so confident in your Skinn that you attract and manifest what is perfect for you, for your business without the worry of having to go without.


When you attend a SKINN Retreat, you will enter a sacred place without judgment.

A place where you will discover how to shift your mindset, awaken your desires to achieve your greatest health, confidence, creativity, sexual essence so that you feel alive and satisfied.


A place where you learn what you need to do to feel whole, happy and complete without needing something or someone to be a certain way. A place where you feel so confident in your SKINN that you discover how to continually attract what is meant for you just by changing the way you think!


Come learn how to feel ALIVE with Energy and Pleasure!


Give yourself the gift of time and space. Time for you with no distractions. No obligations. Nothing pulling at your attention.

At this retreat, you’ll join women's circles, engage in mindful exercises and experience 1-1 coaching in a beautiful ZEN space where you will meet with other like-minded conscious women and possibly make new friends.


You'll enjoy healthy nourishing meals and snacks at the Divine Lounge, a sacred place beautiful decorated that feels comfortable and relaxing.

You’ll leave this retreat feeling nourished, inspired awakened, bold, fierce, sensual, vibrant and transformed!

All women from all walks of life, ages, sizes, color: welcome.

No judgment, guilt or shame!

What you will experience.

Your SKINN Retreat is truly a mind, heart + body immersion.


You'll enjoy learning how to tap into your essence and creativity, how to move and nourish your body in a way that feels energized + enjoy nourishing snacks, meditation, and raw juicy conversations. It's Magic!

You'll have my intuition, wisdom + full attention. In small groups + goddess circles that meet, we'll expand your imagination with new skills, tools, techniques, and practices.


You will discover moments of complete clarity. Your mind will make shifts and your divine essence will awaken.

You'll love every moment and go home recharged and relaxed and step back into your life a transformed woman with new creative energy, confidence, and fierceness.


That's the power of your conscious divine feminine essence and energy unleashed.


Get ready for your ultimate transformation!


Sarasota/Siesta Key, Florida