Your Experience

4 Fun Intimate Nights. 5 Private Transformative Days.

Awaken your Passion, Sexual Creativity and Confidence!

Is it for you?

Imagine feeling confident instead of like a constant failure.


Imagine feeling sexually alive and satisfied.


Imagine feeling passionate and whole all on your own, without the need for someone or something else to make you happy!


Imagine being so confident in your Skinn that you attract and manifest what is perfect for you and not always having to worry about going without.


When you attend a SKINN Retreat, you will enter a  sacred space without judgments.

A space where you will discover how to awaken your confidence, creativity, sexual essence so that you feel alive and satisfied.


A place where you learn what you need to do to feel whole, happy and complete without needing something or someone to be a certain way. A place where you feel so confident in your Skinn that you are continually attracting what is meant for you!


You will learn how to feel ALIVE with Energy and Pleasure!

Did someone say Taboo and is it meant for you? (Full disclosure)

At our SKINN Retreats, we will talk about everything from our fears and challenges to our pussy power, blow jobs, orgasms, toys, dating, relationships, our menstrual cycle, how to nourish our beautiful bodies and everything in-between that you have been told is taboo. If you are comfortable listening or talking about these delicious juicy topics, this retreat is designed especially for you!

4 nights. 5 days. Time to Relax, Recharge, Discover and Awaken!

Spend 5 days in a magical place where the sand is 99.9% healing quartz in Siesta Key, Florida.


Give yourself the gift of time and space. No distractions. No obligations. Nothing pulling at your attention.

At this retreat, you’ll join women's circles, yoga classes, a beautiful private bedroom with lots of privacy, or a beautiful shared room where you will stay with like-minded conscious women and possibly make new friends.


You'll enjoy healthy nourishing meals, a relaxing massage, trips to visit Siesta Key beach and the village, and plenty of free time to lounge in a backyard oasis, read, or nap.


You’ll leave this retreat feeling relaxed, awakened, bold, fierce, sensual, vibrant and transformed!

All women from all walks of life, ages, sizes, color: welcome.

No judgment, guilt or shame!

This is an intimate private, bijou retreat.

Space is limited! RSVP Today!

Everything that's included,

*4 nights 5 days accommodations in either a Private room with an En-suite bathroom, a Private room with a shared bathroom, or a shared bedroom and shared bathroom in a beautiful, luxurious and spacious house near Siesta Key.

*3 energizing, morning yoga classes in the sunshine, outside on a patio paradise.

*4 days of learning and discovering how to take care of your body and awaken your sensual essence.


*4 evening "girl talk" pajama parties surrounded by flickering candlelight.


*12 tasty meals & a variety of snacks to make your body and SKINN feel vibrant & delicious.

Nourishing, vegan breakfasts, delicious vegan/vegetarian lunches, and mouthwatering vegan dinners.  Drinks will include Kombucha, fruit infused water and filtered water.


*YOU time. You’ll have three to four hours of independent time every day to relax, nap, walk to the Siesta Key beach, wander through the village, and do whatever you’d like to do.


*Inspiring experiences. One magical transformational moment after another.


*No need to rent a car. Just get yourself to the Sarasota Airport (SRQ) and we will take you to and from the Siesta Key house to the airport. Everything else is walking distance to everywhere you need to be.


BONUS *4 weeks of inspiring coaching group calls and check-ins via Voxer (A walkie-talkie app) after the retreat ends to keep your sensuality, creativity, inspiration, and boldness alive.

We need to keep supporting and encouraging each other as we walk this life together.

This is an intimate private, bijou retreat.

Space is limited! RSVP Today !

What you will experience.

You'll step into a sensual, sacred space. Your SKINN Retreat is truly a mind, heart + body immersion.


You'll enjoy learning how to tap into your sexual essence and creativity, how to move and nourish your body in a way that feels energized + delicious, catered meals, yoga, meditation and of course, evening “Girl talk” pajama parties. And just what happens, when you devote 4 evenings of unfiltered, raw sensual conversations around candlelight? You'll have to come to find out its Magic!

You'll have my intuition, wisdom + full attention. In small groups + goddess circles that meet every day, we'll expand your erotic imagination with new skills, tools, techniques, and practices.


You will discover moments of complete clarity. Your sexual essence will awaken.

You'll love every moment and go home recharged and relaxed and step back into your life a transformed woman with new creative sexual energy, confidence, and fierceness. That's the power of your conscious sexual essence and energy unleashed.


Get ready for your ultimate transformation!

This is an intimate private, bijou retreat.

Space is limited! RSVP Today !


Sarasota/Siesta Key, Florida